ESSGLOBAL (2010 - until now)

A RIPESS Europe project that has as goal to provide the means for groups and organisations of the Social and Solidarity Economy to share data.


Role: Information Architect


Me4MAP (2012 - until now)

A project that aims to define a method for the develoment of metadata aplication profiles(DCAP)  (Me4MAP)

This project starts with a PhD and continues after that.

Role: Main researcher


POSTDATA (2016 - 2018)

A project financed by an European Reseaarch Council Starting Grant that aims to publish data related with poetry as Linked Open Data.

Role: Post-doc  Information Architect


EMPOWER SSE (2018-2020)

A Linked Open Data Framework for the Empowerment of Social and Solidarity Economy Agents.

Role: Semantic modeler