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This page is the documentation page of the Dublin Core Application Profile [1] for the Web Based Information Systems of the Social and Solidarity Economy (DCAP-SSE). This work was developed under the hat of RIPESS, by the group ESSGlobal. RIPESS is a global organisation for the promotion of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

For more information contact:

RIPESS contacts: Daniel Tygel (Brazil), Jason Nardi (Italy) or Craig Haverford (USA).

Technical contact: Mariana Curado Malta


The current version is Version 1.1

See log changes from V1.0 here

See old versions here.

Functional Requirements

  • Enable the creation and sharing of consistent metadata
  • Support the search of any or all elements: “SSEInitiative”, “Network”, “Product”, “Sale Options” and “Product-Input” (Use Cases 1, 2 and 3).
  • Support the search for any property of each element mentioned in the previous paragraph and also “Cost Composition” of any Product-Input (Use Cases 1, 2 and 3).

Data Model

Description Set Profile

ESSGlobal RDF Vocabulary

The current version is Version 1.1

See old versions here.

  • Turtle description of ESSGlobal RDF Vocabulary V1.1

Vocabulary Encoding Schemes

DCAP-SSE Implementations

  • Cirandas in Brazil through the use of the RDFa markup language. RDFa is “a W3C Recommendation that adds a set of attribute-level extensions to HTML, XHTML and various XML-based document types for embedding rich metadata within Web documents” [3]. See [4] for more information on RDFa.
  • Institute of Solidarity Economics in Oxford issued a “Strategy for data” manifesto that includes DCAP-SSE as a framework. See mmore here

Other information

See the DCAP-SSE development process here.


This project is promoted and sustained by RIPESS, Algoritmi Center@Universidade do Minho (Portugal) and CEISE@ISCAP/IPP (Portugal).



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